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About Us | Chigio

About Us

Chigio Country House Village

Chigio Country House Village

Extending over a green area of three hectares, our resort is the perfect place to spend happy and unforgettable days.


We offer you this peaceful and private corner and all our experience and care, to make your stay memorable and unique.


To pamper your body and your soul, we prepare gourmet menus with a variety of dishes which include traditional Italian as well as original and alternative recipes


Treat yourself with an original and alternative holiday, for couples of any age, families and anyone who wants to spend time away from the smog, noise and stress of the city.

Italian "DolceVita" Lifestyle

To live the meaning of the Italian “dolce vita” (sweet life): at Chigio Country House you will find that unique and subtle pleasure for life that so many foreigners search for in our country.

The Ideal Location

The complex is surrounded by fields and green, away from the city’s smog, noise and confusion.